Trick or Treat Candy Alternatives

In my youth (can I write that at 34? Gosh that’s indicative…like I am fully embracing that my youth is a bygone era…sheesh. Anyways, in my youth…) I had these big plans to be THE house for Halloween. You know what I am talking about: the house with the King Sized Candy Bars, the house everyone made a bee line for, THE IT HOUSE.

And then we had sweet Connor. Absolutely adorable in every way but allergic to 75 million things. I remember his first Halloween. It was crushing to walk him door-to-door only to have to take away each piece of candy he got. That Halloween I remember there was one house that was giving away rubber ducky toys instead of candy. That rubber ducky saved the day. And my whole vision for my own Halloween House changed.

Did you know 1 in 13 children is living with food allergies? Even more face food intolerances or other sensitivities

Besides allergies, there are many other reasons why candy might not be a good fit for kids.

  1. Food allergies
  2. Sensory processing challenges or food aversions
  3. Orthodonture or braces (although I sacrificed several brackets for Snickers in my day)
  4. Motor delays
  5. Childhood diabetes or other medical conditions

Bottom line, if you have the ability to get creative this Halloween, there are a lot of families who will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Let’s dive in to my favorite non-edible trick or treat items

Idea #1: Lights!

Whether glow sticks, LED light-up tubes, finger lights, or other glowing toy, lights are a fun item kids of all ages can enjoy.

Idea #2: Halloween Trinkets!

Spider rings, monster fingers, vampire teeth, and stickers are all great bucket fillers that kids of all ages can enjoy. The best place to find these is without a doubt Oriental Trading Company. I’ve made a collage of my favorites below. Each item is less than a dollar a piece. Just click on the image to shop.

PS. Target has a bunch of inexpensive Halloween trinkets too! Check their app for deep discounts

Idea #3: Bubbles!

Bubbles are a hit for every holiday. Grab them in bulk and set them under a bubble machine to complete the party.

Idea #4: Rubber Ducky!

The idea that started it all for me… rubber ducky toys!

I hope this list gave you lots of ideas for non-food trick-or-treat items. There is still room for traditional candy, but a few homes offering rubbery ducky toys or glow sticks would be a special treat (pun intended) for lots of families.

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