2022 Spring Consignment Season

Guest post by Brittany Walker, @BrittanyWalkerLactation with forward (intro? opening message? by Kelly @frecklefaced_adventures)

Before I became a mom, I had visions of clothing my children in designer duds and super adorable clothes. That all went out the window when 1.) Connor began projectile vomiting on his clothes at age 6 weeks (thanks reflux) and 2.) I saw how EXPENSIVE kids clothes are. Sheesh! Thankfully, Nashville is RIPE with consignment sales. Some even specialize in designer and name brand styles. Each area of the city has their big sale, and events generally take place twice a year (spring and fall). I’ve found more than a few NWT (new with tag) outfits for Connor for under $5, which is great for when he immediately covers them in mud and paint. #Parenting, right?

Here is our growing list of consignment events happening this spring in Nashville! Have one to add? Message us on IG!

February 2022 Sales

March 2022 Sales

April 2022 Sales

A note about the guest author:

Brittany is a stay at home mom to her daughter, Magnolia, and enjoys going to nearly all of the seasonal consignment sales. She and her friends share a digital list of all consignment sales they see advertised and update it regularly (basically daily this time of year).  Like many things in motherhood, consignment sale season is a collaborative effort.  This will be Brittany’s first season selling clothes. (Emotional attachment much…. Yes!)  She is selling her clothes at Reruns are Fun so she can shop early since that is her favorite sale due to the diversity of the items and the reasonable price point.  Brittany is starting her own lactation business in Nashville this spring.  If you’re a mom to be, please consider following her on Instagram @BrittanyWalkerLactation.

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