Partners in Play: A Special Announcement for 2023!

This photo is from our first visit to KidsVille in 2021

Pop Quiz Time: What Is Kidsville?

Last month I polled my IG followers and asked how many of them had been to KidsVille recently. A shocking 47% responded with, “Wait, tell me about KidsVille.” (Gasp!) Friends, this simply will not do! You’ve been missing out!

Put simply, KidsVille is an indoor playground that welcomes kids from 6 months to 12 years of age. It has over 8,500 square feet of fun including slides, rope swings, climbing obstacles, a basketball and soccer arena, a sharing library, a cafe, and even a dedicated (and gated!) toddler area with its own MINI CAROUSEL! Connor spends HOURS here every time we visit. A play pass is only $12 for the entire day, and he puts it to full use!

KidsVille Sponsors Frecklefaced Adventures

KidsVille is built around what they call the 4 Es: Education, Excitement, Entertainment, and Exploration. Actually, this focus is not too different from my own– my goal is to make it easier for families to explore the city, making memories and learning new things as they go. KidsVille and I are also both dedicated to supporting our local community, lifting up families, promoting small businesses, and meeting the needs of little ones as they grow and learn.

I’ve set some lofty goals for 2023. Goals for making Frecklefaced Advetures even more supportive and inclusive, for increasing its coverage of surrounding counties, and for encouraging community and togetherness. I am honored to have KidsVille partner with me on this journey.

What Does This Look Like?

KidsVille is committed to Frecklefaced Adventures and the community we’ve built. Their sponsorship makes an incredible difference to us and will enable us to:

Sharing the Love

Here are some ways we can show our appreciation for KidsVille’s sponsorship:

I can’t wait to see all that 2023 has in store for us. And I know one little boy who will be ecstatic for more trips to KidsVille this year

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