Movies in the Park

Our friend Ollie enjoying ice cream before a showing of Mary Poppins Returns at Crockett Park

Outdoor movies are the perfect solution for families with kids. In movie theaters, you may worry about young ones getting wiggly or noisy. Or what if they lose interest and you waste the ticket money? With older kids you dread the hundreds of dollars you’ll spend on concessions and candy. But with an outdoor movie, everyone is happy! Lots of space for littles to run about if needed, you can leave at any time (because it’s free!), and you can bring your own smorgasbord of treats from home! Huzzah!

Tip: It gets cool when the sun sets so make sure to bring jackets or extra blankets. Bring along glow sticks for an extra fun touch

Note: New Movies in the Park events are being added all the time. This page is just for recurring and predictably planned movie events. For individual pop-up dates, please refer to my Monthly Events Calendar

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