About Discovery Bins

Discovery Bins (formerly Sanity-Saving Sensory Bins) are made with child development in mind. With a decade of elementary education experience, I use my teaching background to create meaningful play and learning opportunities for little ones

What makes Discovery Bins unique?

Gross and Fine Motor Play

Discovery Bins have activities that engage the whole body. With gross motor games and fine motor practice, there is something for every type of play.

Community Collaborations

Discovery Bins support local small businesses through our featured author and creator collaborations. From printed materials made by Nashville educators to handmade butterflies crocheted by local crafters, each bin has at least one item from a neighborhood artist.

Academic Connections

Play is a child’s work, and Discovery Bins provide rich play opportunities with connections to science, math, and early literacy concepts through specially chosen tools and loose parts. Rainbows and lenses, the life cycle of a butterfly, and shadow play are all topics past Discovery Bins have explored.

Age Versatility

Discovery Bins captivate a variety of ages. Designed for children aged 2-6, the activities can be adjusted or altered to match both older and younger siblings. One bin has enough materials to engage siblings without problem, and families can order extra tools or loose parts if needed.

Giving Back

Each Discovery Bin contributes a donation to By Faith Farm in Joelton, TN. By Faith Farm is a charity farm that grows organic produce to give away for free to Nashville families in need. In 2020, they donated over 15,000lbs of fruits and vegetables to local food banks.