Hi! My name is Kelly Davis

Hi there! I am so glad you’re here! I am a former K-6 reading teacher who got the chance to become a stay at home mom in 2019. My husband and I have two boys: Connor, who loves to go on “peshal avenchures” (special adventures) with me, and Everett who was born in August 2022 (and sadly still hates the car). We’ve lived all over Nashville in our 10+ years here, but we recently moved to Murfreesboro and into our first home. When I am not posting to Instagram, you can find me enjoying a latte and making sensory bins.

Feel like you want to know more? Here are 6 random facts about me:

  1. I speak French–I started learning French in middle school and continued all the way through college. I actually double majored in French and Elementary Education. I scored higher on my French SAT than I did my English one. But it’s been so long since I’ve gotten to use it I am a little afraid I’ve forgotten it.
  2. I am super allergic to rabbits–We found this out the way all kids learn about animal allergies…we got a pet rabbit. That was a fun lesson
  3. I hate stuffed animals– They get dirty and dusty, and they just give me the heebee jeebees (is that how you spell it?) Of course, I have a kid who absolutely ADORES stuffed animals and sleeps with approximately 19 of them.
  4. I lived through an EF-4 tornado– We were living in Arkansas at the time, and we were in the house when it hit. There is a reason the very first item I wanted on our wedding registry was a NOAA weather alert.
  5. I am always late– I don’t love it about myself, but I’ve learned to accept it. I will never be on time. Ever. I can blame it on having a kid, but people who know me know it was a problem long before Connor came into the picture. Sadly, I married a man who believes in order to be on time, you have to be 10 minutes early. Bless him.
  6. I am a revenge nighttime procrastinator– I will stay up to midnight or 1 am just to get extra time to myself. I regret it every morning, but I repeat it every night.


Email: frecklefacedadventures@gmail.com
IG: @frecklefaced_adventures
Phone: 615.900.0540
Address: PO Box 333122 Murfreesboro, TN 37133