2022 Spring Consignment Season

Guest post by Brittany Walker, @BrittanyWalkerLactation with forward (intro? opening message? by Kelly @frecklefaced_adventures) Before I became a mom, I had visions of clothing my children in designer duds and super adorable clothes. That all went out the window when 1.) Connor began projectile vomiting on his clothes at age 6 weeks (thanks reflux) andContinue reading “2022 Spring Consignment Season”

The Toys We Love

For the first three years of Connor’s life we lived in an apartment. This means there was no designated “toy room” and instead all of his toys and games had to fit in our living room or his bedroom (or stacked in the guest bedroom closet…sorry guests!) We moved to our first home in August,Continue reading “The Toys We Love”

Shop Small Christmas Gift List

Fun fact, I am not a gifts person. I know this because I married one. And nothing will make you realize your own gift-giving shortcomings like marrying someone who is the absolute best at it. My husband honest-to-goodness keeps a running list of gift ideas on his phone for every person in our family. MeContinue reading “Shop Small Christmas Gift List”

I still love you

When I was teaching, I found myself using certain phrases on repeat:1. Quickly and quietly…as in, “Yes, you can go to the bathroom for the 79th time if you go quickly and quietly.”2. Name and number…as in, “For the love of all things holy, please put your name and number on the top of yourContinue reading “I still love you”

Trick or Treat Candy Alternatives

In my youth (can I write that at 34? Gosh that’s indicative…like I am fully embracing that my youth is a bygone era…sheesh. Anyways, in my youth…) I had these big plans to be THE house for Halloween. You know what I am talking about: the house with the King Sized Candy Bars, the houseContinue reading “Trick or Treat Candy Alternatives”

Sensory Play for the Early Days

Connor stayed in the mouthing phase far longer than I had anticipated. In fact, I could argue he is STILL in that phase. Every now and then I will catch him trying to eat a flower or taste a rock and I think… Oh boy. Some things never change. Fun fact: When Connor was 18Continue reading “Sensory Play for the Early Days”