Rain, Rain, Splash All Day

Nothing will make you feel stir-crazy quite as much as a forecast full of rain. If the thought of planning seven days of indoor activities has you panicking, allow me to present an idea that is sure to give you hours of cheap fun, an easy way to get kids into the tub, and anContinue reading “Rain, Rain, Splash All Day”

Weekly Adventures

Whew! Does anyone else feel like the summer just FLEW by? Suddenly the lazy days are over and school is starting again. But the silver lining is that many businesses are returning to their regular schedule of weekly activities. Even if you’re not sure what your weeks will look like at this point, having aContinue reading “Weekly Adventures”

Fenced-In Parks

This one goes out to all the parents with runners on their hands–the kiddos who take off at the speed of light for the edges of the playground. A special hats-off to parents of two kids who run in opposite directions. The joy of finding a gated playground is something you just don’t understand untilContinue reading “Fenced-In Parks”

Unique Party Ideas

Summertime birthdays seem to have the perfect party built-in with pools and splash pads open, but now that September is here, you might be scratching your head looking for party ideas. I’ve rounded up my favorite celebrations in the graphics below. But first, let’s take a trip down memory lane. Connor’s birthday is in February,Continue reading “Unique Party Ideas”

Turf and Pavement Parks

I’m thankful for the sunshine, but gosh is it muddy out there! Most of Nashville got three inches of rain over the last 48 hours which means while everyone in your family is likely suffering from cabin fever, the playgrounds are not ready to welcome you…unless you go to a playground with turf or pavement!Continue reading “Turf and Pavement Parks”