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Five Years Kinder

***Trigger warning: pregnancy loss, depression*** I remember this appointment vividly. It was my annual with my obgyn. What I hadn’t shared in this Facebook post was that this was just a few months after we had miscarried our first pregnancy. In December of 2016, I was at an ultrasound where I had expected to confirmContinue reading “Five Years Kinder”

The Toys We Love

For the first three years of Connor’s life we lived in an apartment. This means there was no designated “toy room” and instead all of his toys and games had to fit in our living room or his bedroom (or stacked in the guest bedroom closet…sorry guests!) We moved to our first home in August,Continue reading “The Toys We Love”

When You See Me

When you see me, I hope you aren’t disappointed by my wear. I hope the tattered edges and threadbare sides don’t put you off. I hope my gray and faded patches don’t fill you with alarm. When you see me, I hope the rawness of my person and the frailty of my words don’t leaveContinue reading “When You See Me”

I still love you

When I was teaching, I found myself using certain phrases on repeat:1. Quickly and quietly…as in, “Yes, you can go to the bathroom for the 79th time if you go quickly and quietly.”2. Name and number…as in, “For the love of all things holy, please put your name and number on the top of yourContinue reading “I still love you”


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