November 2021 Discovery Bins

Sensory Base

This month’s bin features corn kernels and specialty scented apple pie play dough from Colorama as the sensory bases. Spend time scooping them, pouring them, and pressing them into the play dough

Gross Motor Play

Use the die to decide how many turkey trots to take towards a finish line. Hide the number feathers around the house and race to find them

Focus Skills

This month’s bin focuses on numeracy and subitizing skills. Roll a die and to see which clothespin feather to add to your turkey or how many scoops of corn to feed your turkey cup. Number words, pictures, and groupings are all presented.

Fine Motor Play

Use the loose parts to practice fine motor skills. Match the acorn erasers to the pattern cards. Line up the pine cones in the 10-frame. Peel off the backing of the foam stickers and decorate your bin. Clip the clothes pin feathers to your turkey. Each of these will develop fine motor control

Art Connection

Use the apple pie scented play dough to explore impressions & imprints. Roll the decorative corn in the dough to create textures. Press the mini pine cones into the dough to make an imprint. Use the turkey pipe cleaner legs to create turkey tracks.

Loose Part Play

This month’s bin features glitter foam leaf stickers, miniature pine cones, wooden circle chips, a small wooden spoon, turkey pipe cleaner legs, acorn erasers, and a decorative corn cob loose part play items