Summer Playgrounds

We love finding new playgrounds to explore. Our favorites have lots of shade and cushioned turf. This is the newly updated Granny White Park in Brentwood

Freecklefaced Adventures has been reviewing playgrounds since the summer of 2020. While you can check out all the playgrounds we’ve visited HERE, you probably will want a more specific roundup for the summertime–ie: ones with SHADE. In this spirit, I’ve taken my top 10 SHADED PLAYGROUNDS to make the list below. Enjoy!

Tip: Pack bubbles and small toy cars in your car to have on hand at playgrounds. Cars going down the slide is always a hit

My Top 10 Shaded Playgrounds

Miracle Park

This new playground spans over 6 acres and includes a pedal park, inclusive playground equipment, and musical instruments. Not all of the playground is under shade, but a very large portion of it has sun shades overhead

Centennial Park

The large quad areas of Centennial Park are definitely not shaded, but the playground structure is a veritable shade oasis. Bonus, kids can participate in the Parthenon’s Kidsville on Saturdays!

Sevier Park

This little gem located in the heart of 12th South is surrounded by trees and shade. We also love that there is a small “creek” that runs through the park. Definitely make a stop at Fryce Cream when you go; it’s within walking distance!

Kids Castle

Love that this park is both shaded and gated! You can also use the walking trail to get to a creek (but caution–it can get pretty deep and fast)

Fannie Mae Dees Park
(Dragon Park)

This playground is built *around* the trees so it remains wonderfully shaded and protected all year long. We even love visiting it in the rain because you stay relatively dry!

Nolensville Park

This is a sweet, little park just south of Historic Nolensville. It’s best for little kids, but there is a walking path to a creek that is fun to splash in. After your playground date, I’d stop at the Amish Feed Mill to get a fudge pie 🙂

Mary’s Magical Place

This is perhaps my favorite park in all of Nashville! While there isn’t any natural shade, this playground has tons of sun sails covering the equipment. Get there early, though, this is a popular spot

Crockett Park
(wooden playground side)

I’m a sucker for an old-school wooden playground. We love this classic park in Brentwood. Don’t miss their summer concert series that takes place in the pavilion next door

Bowie Nature Park

Bowie is surrounded by tall pine trees, but it kind of depends on how high the sun is for whether or not it will be shaded. We visited first thing in the morning, and the sun was still tucked behind the treeline. Bonus: Bowie has horse trails so you may see lots of horses riding past

Kids Kingdom

This gated playground has lots of trees around offering shade. Plus, there is a walking trail around the lake. Make sure to bring some quarters for the duck feed machines

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