Where it all began

A toddler, a pandemic, and an idea

In the spring of 2020, just a few weeks before lockdowns began, I was bemoaning a recent failed outing to a friend of mine. “I wish there was like a list of good places to take your toddler…” I said. “One that tells you whether or not they have bathrooms and like how many falls per hour to expect with a toddler. We laughed for a bit and then she said, “Why don’t you make one?”

I fought the idea for a while, but in the end it just made sense. I was already going on these outings, experiencing the failures and successes, discovering firsthand which spots had potties and which ones required you to use a Folger’s can in the back seat (ahem…not that we ever had to do that). So I changed my seldom used Instagram account from private to public and tentatively began @frecklefacedadventures with just 175 followers, mostly family and friends from out of state.

In just over a year the account has grown to over 3,000 followers. I’ve reviewed over 100 places, made friends with many small business owners, and found a community of parents I never would have known without Instagram. I’ve adopted a somewhat iconic organization style (cover photo with location info boldly stamped on top paired with bulleted list of info), and the makings of a brand has emerged.

Going to new places with children can be intimidating. Worrying if you’ve packed the right supplies, figuring out where to park, wondering if you should have come at a different time…there is such a mental load when planning an outing. My hope is that my account takes some of that stress away. By seeing what worked for my family and what tips helped us, hopefully your own outings are even more successful and enjoyable.

My reviews are not sponsored in any way, so you are always getting honest feedback. I highlight adventures with ticket prices and those that are free, so there is something for everyone. Join me and we’ll find ways to explore this city one frecklefaced adventure at a time.

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