Behind the Scenes Superhero

This has been a big year for Frecklefaced Adventures! In June, we celebrated our community growing to 6,000 followers! That number was unimaginable for me, especially since I still remember the days of having…wait for it…172 followers and feeling like that was a *really* big deal. Somehow since June we have hit over 8,300 followers now. And while a number of followers has never been the goal for me, it’s pretty cool to see us cultivate a community of supportive parents and caretakers.

In July, we launched the Restaurant Adventure Pack with Laura from TN Littles (seriously, go get yours now. So many good deals inside), and published an updated edition of the Original Nashville Adventure Pack (it now has an interactive Google Map!).

In August I had a baby…followed by the world’s easiest newborn phase (bahahahaha).

In November we launched the Events Calendar with activities and happenings from all over the Nashville area. The events calendar brings an average of 4K views per month which is almost exactly 4K more than my website was getting before 😉

In December my husband surprised me with doing all the work to register me as an official LLC (huzzah!) which allowed me in January to welcome my first sponsors (which reminds me, have you been to KidsVille lately?) And then in February we launched an EPIC summer camp guide with over 80 camps listed by location and name.

WHEW. It’s a lot!

Recently, I’ve been asked…”How are you doing all this?” Well it’s easy…I’m not. Let me introduce you to a wonderful person named Heather.

You may recognize Heather from her days as a publisher for Macaroni Kid Franklin. Heather is a former English teacher turned online publisher. She built an incredible online resource for local families under the Macaroni Kid umbrella. She knew (knows/continues to know) anything and everything there is to know in Williamson County. I especially loved her interactive calendar. On any given day I could pull up her website and find every story time, craft time, and activity in the Wilco area. So when she announced in October that she was stepping away from her role at Macaroni Kid…I’m not gonna lie…I despaired.

Where I would be without Heather

Source: Reddit

“You can’t leave! What are we going to do without you?!?” I asked her on the phone one day. “How will we ever know what to do?” Heather paused and then said “Why don’t you do it? I can help show you how.” And friends…I knew this was it. My one shot at tricking her into staying with me forever.

Source: QuoteFancy

I’m joking…sort of… Point is, before I knew it, I had a spreadsheet with local events and venues sent to me, organized by date and linked with websites and social media info (insert wide-eye emoji here). The level of intentionality and thoughtfulness she brings to the table is other-worldly. She is the most organized and driven person I have met. She sets a goal and can immediately see the steps we need to take to get there. She is everything I am not, and Lord have mercy I am so thankful she agreed to work with me.

Having just launched the 2023 Camp Guide, I feel like it is important to come clean and be honest with the truth behind all this productivity. I have a behind-the-scenes superhero working with me. And her name is Heather Griffin.

Source: Teepublic

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